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What she had not planned for was capturing a now-viral photo of the moment a seagull snatched the pricey sandwich as she was lining up the perfect shot. Having bought her lobster roll, she walked to the water to take the perfect picture. She spent about 20 seconds framing her shot, so she could capture the sandwich and the Nubble Lighthouse in the background.

As she took the picture, she said, she felt something rustle in her hand. She thought she had dropped the lobster roll.

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As she walked back to the lobster shack, she flipped through her camera roll and burst into laughter, realizing the only photo she had was the exact moment the seagull swooped. She asked another customer to take a photo so she had proof she had actually eaten a lobster roll.

Thirty two years later and a few different departments , I retired from MSU. It is a country which will forever remain in my heart and I will continue to visit.


Why the fascination with Africa, or any place in nature…. Traveling to exotic locations can be great, but in between I find endless subjects to photograph while tending to my hosta and butterfly gardens which are always right in my own back yard. About Although I have lived my entire life in Lansing, Michigan, my passion for photography and the out-of-doors has taken me to many distant parts of the world.

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